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Skiptracing Services

One of the leading reasons that accounts receivable go uncollected is the loss of good demographic information on the customer. Bad addresses and disconnected phone numbers prohibit the collector from communicating with the consumer. These accounts are called skips. Skiptracing is the function of trying to locate missing customers through a variety of methods.

  • Change Of Address Match & Phone Search – This process allows direct access into the various change of address databases and corresponding Directory Assistance databases to conduct address and phone verifications and searches to obtain new demographic information.
  • Clean Sweep – Affiliated Collection Service’s innovative Clean Sweep process electronically compares all outgoing collection letter addresses against change of address databases to better ensure demographic information is correct prior to mailing letters to the consumer.
  • Batching – Our weekly batching procedure streamlines the skiptracing process by allowing large ‘batches’ of skip accounts to be sent electronically to our vendors for processing. In return, ACS receives electronic information updates that are loaded into our database through an automated process.